Cheryl Binda is the founder and principal of Binda Consultants, a training and consulting firm specializing in training design and delivery, team building, facilitation, and leadership coaching. She works with teams, work groups, and organizations of all sizes. Cheryl draws on over 30 years of experience and the latest research into best practices (not “touchy-feely” exercises) to help you turn your potential and performance into business results. In short, Cheryl brings her expertise and experience to every client and project.


With a master’s degree in adult learning and certification in using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™), Cheryl is a skilled trainer, facilitator and coach offering a high-energy focus. Cheryl founded Binda Consultants after spending sixteen years in organizational development leadership positions in the automotive, technical services, and paper and wood products fields. She began consulting with businesses and industries in 1994, and has worked with a wide variety of organizations including high technology, health insurance, manufacturing, law firms, construction, banks, utilities, housing, universities, professional services, federal government, and local and state government.

Approach and Style

Cheryl is known for her highly interactive approach and has worked with thousands of managers and employees through her training, facilitation, coaching, and team building interactions. Organizational clients and workshop participants describe her style as energetic, practical, fast-paced, and results-oriented. Cheryl’s business-oriented yet flexible style builds trust and creates long-lasting positive relationships. Cheryl is also known for her customized materials, flexible approach, personalized service, and high-quality participant materials.

Collaborative Methods

We often collaborate with other expert consultants due to the diversity of our clientele and projects. Additionally, we partner with other consulting companies that require our experience and expertise. Binda Consultants also has strategic partnerships with other consulting firms that can assist in the successful implementation of your project.