How I Work

How I Work

What’s it Like to Work With Cheryl?

You’ll want to know how I work before you decide whether to ask me to help you. On this page I describe my guiding beliefs, my approach to client projects, and how I’m different from other service providers.

Guiding Beliefs

These are my guiding beliefs and principles, which drive my professional work.

  • Each of us needs to be helped and built up. My purpose in life is to help people improve their work lives. I am straightforward and honest but not hurtful or aggressive.
  • Everyone has a story. Each person needs a chance to tell their story and be listened to without judgment.
  • Every individual and team has great potential. The challenge is to create an environment where people can realize their potential while contributing their best to the organization.
  • We all need to be continuously developing ourselves, both professionally and personally. We are all on a learning journey called life, and there are countless opportunities to learn.
  • Communication is the glue that holds relationships together. I believe that both individuals and teams need to constantly strive to improve their communication skills.

My Approach

This is how I engage with my clients. If most of this approach makes sense to you, we will probably work well together:

  • My work is inspired and informed by 34 years of corporate experience, from both an inside and outside perspective.
  • I draw from multiple disciples: Psychology. Education. Business Coaching. Training and Development. Assessment. Facilitation. I integrate tools and techniques that work.
  • I provide you with direct and honest advice. I will provide you with direct and honest advice, conveyed in a respectful manner, even if the message may be difficult for you to hear.
  • I develop trusting, professional relationships with my clients. If you tell me something in confidence, I will keep the information confidential, which builds our mutual trust account.
  • I work as your partner. Customization is built into everything I do. Every program or project begins with a conversation with you about your challenges, your objectives, your expectations, and your hopes.
  • I give you focused attention. I work around your schedule and tailor everything around your own individual set of circumstances. This means that you will only receive relevant, laser-focused support.
  • I work personally and interactively. Whether I am working with individuals, leaders, or teams, I give the people I work with ownership of the process. Only when people make commitments and hold themselves accountable do they see real and lasting change.
  • I hope that you use me as a sounding board. I am there to listen to you and understand things from your point of view.
  • I respect your time. Each of my clients is incredibly busy. I keep my communication with you as succinct and concise as possible. I work hard at adding value without taking up a great deal of your time.
  • Practical solutions. I assess the situation and offer practical solutions, whether it’s in an initial meeting with you, or if you hit a roadblock at work and need a listening ear.

I use a range of formats to meet your needs. I have a variety of methods and approaches:

  • Team building
  • Organizational or team assessment
  • Face-to-face coaching
  • Virtual coaching
  • Customized training programs
  • Facilitated meetings

One size doesn’t fit all. Every client is different and has unique needs. I tailor my approach to each client and their specific needs. Although we have a variety of approaches, the goal is always consistent: to create team or organizational results.

Above all else, I am flexible and adaptable. If one approach isn’t working, I always have a Plan B in mind, and probably a Plan C as well.

What Makes Me Unique

I combine my passions, interests and skills into all my client engagements. What this means to you is that I am solely focused on making you more successful.

  • I am adventurous. I have been on over 30 international trips and love to immerse myself in other cultures. We often need to get out of our rut and try something new. I enjoy pushing my clients out of their comfort zone (but not too much!)
  • I have over 34 years of business experience. I never say I’ve seen it all because I haven’t but I’ve had some very unique challenges and handled them successfully.
  • I have been both an employee and a consultant, working for both small and large companies. I was employed by General Motors and Boise Cascade Corporation for over 14 years combined, and I have also worked for 19 years as an entrepreneur.
  • I travel domestically and internationally for business. I am willing and able to travel to your work location.
  • Over 85% of my business is repeat business. I connect with my clients and they feel comfortable working with me. Most of my client engagements are with people I have done business with in the past.
  • I work with a wide variety of client industries, which gives me a unique perspective. My clients often ask if they are similar or different from people in other companies or organizations and I am able to provide them an answer.
  • I’m a creative problem solver. I believe we can always find a way to overcome problems and obstacles by working together.
  • Lastly, I develop a personal and professional connection with my clients. Other consulting firms may assign a different consultant to you once you sign the contract, but I will be your one and only contact if we start working together. I provide you with my cell number and other ways to reach me so that we are never out of touch.

Now that you have a better idea about what to expect when working with us, next go to the Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.