Who I Work With

Who I Work With

I want to work with you.

I’d like to help you increase your professional and organizational effectiveness. Here are some scenarios where you may need my services:

  • You are an employee or manager who has strong technical skills, but you struggle when it comes to people skills.
  • You are a new manager and have heard rumbles that you’ve inherited a group with some significant issues but you don’t know any details yet.
  • You are a middle manager in an organization that is struggling with poor morale, escalating conflict, lack of trust, increased attrition, or a work climate of fear and blame.
  • You are a middle manager in a company with good people and good products/services, but you know your teams aren’t performing to their fullest potential.
  • You are on a management team that tends to get caught up in the weeds and focus on tactical issues, rather than showing leadership by being strategic in thinking and action.
  • You are on a work team that is bogged down by conflict, competition for limited resources, or poor communication.
  • You are a middle manager or HR professional from a mid- or large-sized organization that has employees or managers who know the technical aspects of their job, but who struggle when it comes to leadership, communication, conflict, change, or facilitation.

Are some of these statements true for you?

We’ve got smart, talented people working for us, but getting them on the same page and headed in the same direction is an ongoing challenge. I’m amazed by how much time is spent resolving conflicts and sorting out interpersonal issues. I know it’s costing us big time.”

“I’ve been working hard; in fact, probably too hard, and so have our people. I know that our workplace stress is high, and people are tired and irritated with each other. We’ve got to do something about the morale around here.”

We’ve spent a lot of money on training with some good results, but the results just don’t seem to last. We need help with improving communication, increasing collaboration on teams, and resolving conflict, but we can’t afford to spend money on training where the results aren’t sustainable.”

“I’m on a management team and we should be making strategic decisions for our organization. Instead, we spin our wheels, discuss things which are actually a level below us, and put off dealing with the hard issues.

I’ve been a manager for over ten years, but I’ve never had training to help me with the day-to-day aspects of my job, such as communicating clearly and effectively, motivating employees to want to do a better job, conducting an effective performance review, or coaching employees.”

Is working with me a good fit for you? Clients will be most successful working with me if:

  • You are already successful, and want to move to an even higher level of performance
  • You value new perspectives and being challenged
  • You are willing to acknowledge the role you might play in the situation
  • You are open to learning new things
  • You are open to making changes
  • You are committed to long-term solutions, and willing to make a commitment to work rather than to a quick fix
  • You like to work collaboratively and in partnership

Now that you know more about my typical clients, common challenges I help them resolve, and who I am most successful with, please go on to learn more about How I Work. You can also check out my Services Page to learn more about the specific services and programs I offer.